This past year I have helped several companies implement Warehouse Management Systems, it has not been easy.  I have found that you may only make suggestions, from experience, but the companies may not always do as you suggest.  This makes an implementation harder and I therefore choose to work longer hours and spend more time away from my house and family.  I am paid by the hour, so it works out okay, but I prefer to sleep in my own bed, at least seven hours a night.

These past two weeks I have been working with a company that chose to move ahead with the implementation, even though we did very little testing within their environment.  It is not what I would recommend.  Even with an established WMS, (Warehouse Management System), each company has their own little quirks and something will not work correctly, thus we test for all situations.  We hope!

This week, I am grateful that, even though we did very little testing, this has been a pretty smooth WMS implementation.  The managers are onboard 100%, which makes a difference, and the team has been very responsive and asking the right questions.  It makes it easier when everyone is on board for the change.  I am grateful for a smooth implementation….they don’t happen that often.