This week has been a very long blurrrr!!!  I have been working with a client, implementing a new Warehouse Management System (WMS).  This means that the day starts at 05:00 in the morning and ends, whenever the shipping crew finishes at night; one night it was a little after 01:00 in the morning, which made it a 23+ hour day for me.  Today, I am worn out!!!  I have two more days of this, (we are working on Saturday), before I get to take a break; one day off, on Sunday, and then back on Monday to make sure that things do not digress. (Is that the right word?)

Once I finish here, it will be on to the next WMS go live, with another client; about the time that one finishes I have another client that I will need to support, with another implementation.

I am grateful for these opportunities and that I am staying busy.  I am not complaining.  I love what I do.