In my life, there are three very specific friends that are more than just friends to me…they are family!  Two of them I have known since we were in diapers.  I even told my wife, when we were dating, that these three are considered family.  If they are family, then their immediate family, by default becomes my family; sort of like the scene from the Godfather, where Vito Corleone tells the undertaker: “If I am your friend, then your enemies would become my enemies; and then they would fear you.”  So if you are my family, then the rest of your family falls into that category as well.

I mention this, because this past weekend one of my extended family sister’s, I knew her while she was chilling in her mother’s uterus, lost her husband, very suddenly and unexpectedly.  To say that it is and was shocking is an understatement.  Just like losing a child to sickness or anything else, I can not imagine it; especially when it is sudden.  My heart grieves with her and her family, for the loss of the father figure.  When a person is ill, you can plan and prepare yourself for the loss; when it is sudden…it is a giant WTF?!

So today, I am grateful for the lesson that I was taught by the loss; and that is, enjoy your moments in life.  Enjoy and be with your family and friends.  Do not let stress dictate or have any part of your life.  Your family may ask you to attend something with them or watch something that you would rather not, but instead of being miserable, enjoy their company.  This is what makes life so wonderful!  I know that I have used this video before…but I like it.