A few years ago I mentioned to some people at the company that I was working for, that I was bored and they needed to put me out into the field, training the Sales Centers on how to improve their processes.  Unfortunately for them, it was not in their budget at the time to move me into a traveling Ops Position.  It was fortunate for me however, because about the same time, I spoke with a friend, whom I grew up with, that had a business that helped manufacturing companies, improve their processes in manufacturing.  What was missing was the warehousing and distribution processes.  I left that company that I worked for and became an independent contractor, specializing in warehouse and transportation processes; helping companies improve their processes and in some cases, implement warehouse management systems.

I also started my own business at that time, with a very good friend, whom I have know my whole life.  We originally were only going to be an agent to source freight, Less Than Truckload and Truckload, for small to mid-sized companies.  Companies that couldn’t get the better freight rates that the bigger companies receive.  We now have partnered with a brand new conveyor technology company out of Switzerland and business is moving forward.  I am so busy that I am looking to bring someone in to help me, with the consulting.  LIFE IS GOOD!

Today, I am grateful that I work for myself.  I am grateful that I had the courage to call my friend and ask her if she would like some help with her clients, helping them with their warehousing processes.  I am extremely grateful that she agreed to let me work with her!!!  I am learning new material everyday, which I am grateful for.  I am really grateful, because I really do enjoy what I am doing, on a daily basis.

I am taking care of business……