I like to get up early in the morning; and when I say early, if I get out of bed at 05:30, that is sleeping in.  I have a morning routine that I generally go through that involves, some exercise, drinking coffee, reading and then watching business news until the New York Stock Exchange opens.  This morning though, my morning routine was interrupted when our dog number 6, Ozzy, was very restless and asking for some attention.  When I say dog number 6, this is not the 6th dog that we have owned, he is the 6th dog that currently lives with us.  He joined our family yesterday afternoon.  He is not a small dog, in fact, he is the largest dog that we have right now.  We think that he may be a mix between a border collie and a german shepard.  He is bigger than our labrador / border collie mix, (dog # 5).

So this morning Ozzy, dog number 6, was pacing around the section of the house that I like to sit in, during the early morning hours.  I think that he is still not used to his new surroundings or he didn’t care for Buck, dog # 5, doing a low growl whenever he went near him.  So I finally took him outside and fed our horse and goats.  What a beautiful sunrise!!!

Today I am grateful that Ozzy took me outside early, so that I was able to enjoy the sunrise.  I am grateful that I have a daughter who has a heart of gold; who cannot stand to see an animal neglected or treated harshly.  I call my daughter Ellie Mae Clampet, because to her any animal is a friend, not a pet….any animal!  I am grateful that we have the space that allows my daughter and my wife to indulge in their collection of animals…

I am grateful for the life that I have currently chosen!