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July 2018

It’s business…

A few years ago I mentioned to some people at the company that I was working for, that I was bored and they needed to put me out into the field, training the Sales Centers on how to improve their… Continue Reading →

work out

I’m grateful for divinity; eternal life… that part i play – alive each day… I’m grateful for this blog I’ve been doing with my brother for quite some time now I’m grateful for my children’s mom; that she’s their mom… Continue Reading →

It is Brutal!

Today I am grateful for the honesty that I ask for; and the honesty that I am given.  Today I asked for some honest feedback from a small group of people and that is what I was given.  If my… Continue Reading →

all my pieces

I am grateful for those who know me; warts and all… …and remain supportive in my life. I don’t think it was meant to be easy. I really don’t know what it all is meant to be. I only know… Continue Reading →


I like to get up early in the morning; and when I say early, if I get out of bed at 05:30, that is sleeping in.  I have a morning routine that I generally go through that involves, some exercise,… Continue Reading →

He Ain’t Heavy

It’s a Double Gratitude post tonight! I am grateful for my podcast that I’ve been doing — in it’s 5th season — Live With Greg. And I am grateful for my brother, Aaron Wilker, who is my special guest on… Continue Reading →

This is America

I will add to what my brother has written.  I am so very grateful that I was born in and continue to live in The United States of America.  Where if you have the mind set and determination, you can… Continue Reading →

git your america woke

I’m grateful to live where this video can be created and watched… and sorry that there is reason for it to be created and watched.

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