I read my brother’s Post on this blog and I really appreciated what he had to say about us being one.  There is love all around us; and if we are able to tap into that love, then you are able to recognize the beauty of the Creator and then love that he/she brings to this world.  Every morning when I see the sunrise and every evening when I see the sunset, I thank the Lord for the beauty that is being shared with me.  There are many moments in between those two events that I am blessed with beauty as well.

I have three children and, thanks to my wife and daughter, a lot of different animals.  I think of my wife and children and I think of love.  I may not like what they are doing at some given moment, but I do know that I love them, for who they are.  I am sure that our goats and horse have affection for me…when I feed them; but our dogs and cats, they show affection and truly do love to spend time with us.  A very good friend that I was able to spend time with, this past weekend, has a cat; his only daily companion.  I never thought of him as an animal person, but to see that cat greet him at the door and then sit in his lap as we were talking; there is love.

So I am always grateful for the love that surrounds us all, that is this world.