Last week, while in Italy, my wife and I went to see the ruins of Pompeii.  What an experience!!!  I would recommend everyone try to arrange an opportunity to make this trip!  It is absolutely amazing to see.  If you like history, then this is a must see.  Over the years, my wife and I have seen televison programs that were documentaries of Pompeii; but none of them came even close to showing how incredible this place is and was.

If you do get an opportunity to visit, plan on at least two days to see the whole city.  We walked around eight miles and we did not see it all.  Did I mention that it is an incredible place!  The buildings, the roads, the fresco’s on the walls, the tile mosaics on the floors; the entire city, is incredible.

I am extremely grateful that both my wife and I had the opportunity to visit this city!