This morning as I was riding on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, (BART), into San Francisco, I lost my cell phone.  I had put it in the pocket of my jacket; and it must of slipped out, onto the seat without me noticing it.  I realized that I did not have it before I even left the station at which I normally exit.  I spoke with the station attendant and he was very helpful, but no immediate results.  So, rather than stress, I continued onto work.

When I arrived at where I was working, I immediately sent emails to family, some friends and my co-workers, letting them know that I had lost my phone.  Once I was settled into work, I logged into Google to see if I could trace my phone; I could not.  After about five minutes of me messing with Google, I received an email from a gentleman asking me to call him, he had my phone.  He saw my email address as Google was trying to log into my phone.  We will meet up later this afternoon, and I will hopefully have my phone returned to me.

It is not that I cannot do without the instant communication, that a cell phone brings; it is that I had all of my billing hours for work on that phone and it would have been heck, trying to remember who I needed to bill, for how many hours on which days.  Hmm, sounds like I need to send that info to the Cloud on a daily basis.

Today I am grateful that there are honest people who still care about helping their fellow human’s and even animals.  Thank you Lord for watching over us and teaching us the simple lessons that we should never forget.