The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


March 2018

Let me educate you

Sharing our knowledge is something that we should all strive to do.  I am grateful for knowledge.

communication… stay in the heat and breath

Tonight I am grateful for everyone who can stay in their heat, remain breathing and steady — and communicate with kindness, empathy and compassion.

I have blisters on my …. mind

Life is busy and then so am I.  It is something that I am grateful for!  I create a schedule for working with my clients and because of necessities, by other people and other clients, this schedule that I create… Continue Reading →

Endless Joy

Today, I am grateful for my children three Who remind me, that Joy is now And they keep me looking To Holy Light To guide me faithfully Out of my night Tonight I feel them Children three I sense them… Continue Reading →

Lost without you…

This morning as I was riding on the Bay Area Rapid Transit, (BART), into San Francisco, I lost my cell phone.  I had put it in the pocket of my jacket; and it must of slipped out, onto the seat… Continue Reading →

For the Love of Money

Dear Money, For many years now, I’ve maligned you while at the same time admiring you. I’ve desired you and thought you would potentially corrupt life if you were in mine with abundance. I know this is a mistake; it… Continue Reading →


Have you ever heard,  what is good for the goose is good for the gander? Today I am grateful for remembering that it was Thursday before I fell asleep and for smartphones. Touche , I say to you….

steps & feet

There really is so much I am grateful for… Today ~ I am awed and amazed to have so many incredible beings in my life. Truly, my cup runneth over. It’s been a challenging road for a few years now… Continue Reading →

I can play that…

I will not harp on all of the political differences that exist in the United States and throughout the world; I will just say that I am grateful that I live in a country, where we still have the freedom… Continue Reading →

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