I wrote this two years ago, but it seemed relevant today; especially since I now owe my brother $5 on his coffee card, because of my failure to write and post this, yesterday.


I just watched CBS 60 Minutes Sports, there was a story about a twenty-three year old lady who is one of the top rock climbers in the world.  The story was about her climbing the North Face of the Eiger mountain in Switzerland; one of the hardest climbs in the entire world.  A lot of the video footage was of her falling off of the wall, dropping down about ten feet before being caught by her safety rope.  It was a very good story; but it was this young ladies attitude that has inspired me to write this.  In her words, ninety-nine percent of rock climbing is failure.  So if she fails so much, being one of the top climbers in the world, why does she continue to do it?  She said that it is worth that one percent.  Rock climbing for her is a metaphor for life; you fail, often, but when you succeed, all failure is forgotten.

I work very hard to be successful in all that I do.  I do a lot of reading and I listen to people who are succeeding in their lives and in their professions. I want to be the best at whatever I do.  It is not easy.  It really is not easy, especially for someone like myself, who is very successful at procrastination.  It is the one fault that I continuously remind myself of; ninety-five percent of the time I succeed at overcoming this fault.  One thing that I have learned with all of my studying is that if a successful person tells you that they have never failed, then they probably are not that successful.  There is a song that is written by Ray Davies and performed by the Kinks called Celluloid Heroes, there is a line in the song towards the end that reminds us that success walks hand in hand with failure.

What is my point of all of musing here?  It is that as this new year begins and you start planning out your life for the next year and years to come, do not be frustrated if you did not accomplish all of your goals from last year.  Celebrate what you did accomplish.  Take some time to really acknowledge your successes from this past year and then plan on expanding on those successes.  I would then ask you to acknowledge your failures from this past year as well.  Do not dwell on them, but acknowledge them and then look at where you failed.  Why was it a failure and what did you learn from it?  If you are able to learn from the failure and then improve yourself because of it, is it really a failure?

Failing is not a bad thing!  We need to learn from our failures to become better people.  There is a quote from a very successful inventor, one that I like to read every now and then; it reminds me to keep moving myself forward and that as long as I move forward, taking that one or two steps back is not such a bad thing either.   “I have not failed 10,000 times-I’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.” – Thomas Alva Edison