Sometimes, I do not know what to write about; it is because I do not like to be or feel that I am being redundant.  There is so much that I am grateful for!  Being a billionaire should be one of them, but it is not; probably because I am not a billionaire, or anywhere near it.  In fact, just the other night, my wife told me that I need to find a job that pays me better.  I did not reply to her, because finding another job is out of the question.  I truly enjoy what I am doing!  I just need to increase my income doing it; so that is what I am working on, this month and probably next month as well.

I am working on getting back to the basic habits, that brought me to my earlier successes.  It is easy to become lazy or casual about practices that you know help you, but require effort.  If that effort pays off….hmmm, seems like an easy choice to me.

I am grateful for what I have learned, what I continue to learn and for all that I am and have.