Yesterday evening I was having a conversation with a friends mother; we were both talking about how being positive in life is so much easier than being negative. Sure it is easy to curse when something doesn’t go write, but it is easier to find the lesson and thank the powers that be, for the lesson and then move on. Positive attracts positive and negative attracts negative. What do you want in your life? This is how you must act, be and see the world around you.

If you wake up with a smile on your face and are grateful for another day of life, another chance on making improvements, then you are more likely to recognize opportunities as they come your way. When you are negative and angry with life or some situation, you are more likely to miss an opportunity or good fortune, because you are too busy being upset. A simple example is, if you are living in a drought area and it begins to rain, you are upset that it is raining and you are getting wet as you walk to and from your car, or wherever it is that you are going. You do not like the rain and why does it have to rain when you have to go somewhere? What you should be, is grateful for the rain, see the opportunity to put some buckets or barrels out, so that you can water your garden later, and then have fresh food to eat.

I am grateful for a positive attitude, a love of life and all of the people who continue to educate me, one way or another.