This morning, I rode the Rapid Transit system into San Francisco; I use this time to meditate, since I do not want to be one of the masses, only focused on my cell phone.  When I finished my meditation, I opened my eyes, looked out the window and saw a glorius sunrise!  After thanking the Lord for giving me such a gift, I realized that he, (I think of God as a male figure), not only gave me a beautiful sunrise to gaze upon, but he gave me another day as well.

Yesterday is past and it cannot be changed or undone; today is new and it started with this fantastic sunrise, that I was a witness to.  So today I am able to continue with my creation of my self.  It is up to me to do and be the best that I can possibly be, today!  I can plan and work towards tomorrow, but there is only right now; and the creator has given that to me, one more time.

For that, I am grateful!