i am grateful for a roof over my head; food to sustain me… friends and family/family and friends

and for the excitement I feel in my body with the feminine spirit; the feminine essence

i don’t want to embody it; i want to be graced with the quenching waters’ flow — to be lifted and drifted upon, buoyed by the joyful outpouring of celebration

how do i remain true to my masculine while allying with the feminine to be a part of the creative exponential growth and healing that surpasses simple math of 1+1=2? the miracle of creation?

is it only imagination that is at work with this imagery and feeling i know so well within me? is it madness when pursued, leading only to hurt & and pain?

¿Cuál es mi amor? ¿Lo que es verdad?

For so many have suffered at the madness of righteousness, misplaced and believed in from a single point of view. I continue to do my best to test my beliefs with an understanding that that which is true can only bless.

Querido Dios, por favor bendice este desastre.