The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


December 2017

The holidays are here.

Hmmm, what to write?  Well…. I am grateful that I was able to spend my birthday and the Christmas weekend with my children and wife; although not all at the same time.  The oldest had to work on Christmas Eve… Continue Reading →

a tear for mi madre; a tear for me

i am grateful for a roof over my head; food to sustain me… friends and family/family and friends and for the excitement I feel in my body with the feminine spirit; the feminine essence i don’t want to embody it;… Continue Reading →

The holidays….

Today I am grateful for the spirit of love, joy and peace. I appreciate that people are generally more pleasant to one another this time of year. I wish that people would remember the teachings of Jesus, Buddha as well… Continue Reading →

Shout Outs

I am grateful for the Shout Out that Jake Thomas and Eva Amantea (@onthespoteva) gave to BAJA yesterday… That’s a solid, my friend! Nice Hanukkah gift during this time of miracles!

The Price of Life…

Are you making as much money as you would like?  Are any of us?  There is always that question, how much is enough?  I apparently have not made as much money these past two years, as I thought that I… Continue Reading →

our health

tonight, I am grateful for my health… because when it’s gone, I miss it!

to life

i am very grateful for this evening’s chorus recital that my youngest daughter, Bodhi, participated in… and for my sitting with Jonah and Liz. i’m not all the way over things yet — i am learning oh, yes, and for… Continue Reading →

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