This morning I had an epiphany about how a person can be totally content with themselves.  In spite of what other people may say about them; a person, who has the right mindset, can be totally at peace with who they are, themselves.  I am often chastised for making the comment, ” I have created myself, in my own image”.  I grew up in a Judaeo/Catholic household, so I was brought up to believe that G-d created us in his own image.  So when I say that I created myself in my own image, am I stating that I am G-d?  Not really.  I am stating that every choice that I have made in my life, has led me to exactly where I am today.

So, if G-d created us in his own image, and G-d is a perfect entity, then in spite of what anyone else states, each one of us is perfect.

I am grateful for my wondering mind.