This past weekend I traveled to Southern California on a business trip.  One of the meetings that I had, two of my friends joined me, as we looked into a new business opportunity.  It was a great meeting, that lasted much longer than I expected.  These friends were friends that I have know seperately; they had met once or twice before, but they were not neccesarily friends with each other.  That does not mean that they do not like each other, it means that they did not engage each other socially.  So we are sitting at the table, the three of us, with another person who is presenting the new opportunity, and it was great!  The synergy between all of us, was fantastic and I am excited to be moving this project forward, working with the other three.

On Saturday an old friend that I had known in the first and second grade, visited our hometown from Australia; thanks to Facebook a bunch of us who grew up in this town together, all met and hungout at a local restaurant.  It was great seeing people that I have not seen in Forty years; it was like we have stayed in touch our whole lives.

Today I am grateful for the many, many friends that I have in my life.