I remember my maternal grandmother talking about her faith in the creator; I believe at the time that I would think, that it was good for her.  She told me that her faith in the Lord was strong and that it gave her comfort in her daily life.  Having been brought up in two different religions, Catholicism and Judaism, simultaneously, I believe in a creator, a higher power, but I do not assign any one religious view on him, (I think of the creator as a him; my father used to say God was an old black lady.  To each his own.).

Also being a student of science and biology, I do believe in evolution.  I think that all bibles are more like history books, written many years after the fact; and having a specific intention at the times that they were written.  So just like the modern day news media, I take what was written in the bibles, with a grain of salt.  I believe that there are some wonderful lessons to be learned from each religious bible, (which ever one you happen to read), but I do not necessarily believe that all of the stories are true.

With all of that said, or written, I do have a strong faith in the higher power or the force.  A few years back, my brother in-law, Brian Bent, and I had some good conversations about the Christian faith.  Brian would read or share a passage from the scriptures with me, and at the time, what he would share with me, made absolute sense, for my life at that time.  Recently Brian sends me a text every night with a link to a daily bible passage, and I do truly appreciate them.  I am not saying that I am leaning toward Christianity, not at all, but I do appreciate each lesson and the power of faith in our creator.  I have also been reading the writings of Don Miguel Ruiz; and what he has written is very similar to my beliefs.  We have the power to create our own world; our own lives.

Once week from today, my wife and I will be traveling over to Europe; as of last night, I still had not purchased our plane tickets, even though I knew that we were going to travel.  I did not have the money to make the purchase.  This morning my wife asked me when I was going to purchase the tickets?  I told her that it would be okay and that I would probably purchase them today.  She asked how I was so sure?  I told her that I had faith.  I purchased the round trip tickets, this morning, when the money arrived in my bank account.

I am grateful for all of my religious learning, even though I choose not to follow any one religion.  I am grateful for my faith and the strength of it.