With all of the turmoil that is being portrayed in the media right now, it seems as if the US is heading towards a race war.  The Lemmings are following the leaders in the media and are forgetting how to question and think for themselves.  It is sad, that a few allow themselves to be controlled by even less; and the masses have to deal with it.  The really sad thing is that the rest of the world believes that this is happening throughout the entire country.  Just like all Californians are surfing movie stars or billionaire techies.

So enough of me standing on a soapbox.  What does this have to do with being grateful.  Well I am grateful that I was raised by my parents to not really recognize race.  They had many friends, who hailed from all different classes, countries and races.  I had many friends who were different than myself, but it really did not matter.  We were all friends.  We accepted that we may celebrate different holidays, or ate different foods; believe it or not, we even attended different churches.  We were all friends and none of that mattered.  Some of us continue to stay in touch and remain friends, even today, Forty years after meeting that first time.

As my youngest begins her freshman year in college, I am grateful that my wife and I have raised our children to think for themselves as well.  To form their own opinions and do their own research.  Sometimes they ask us what we may think about something and if it is different than what they think, they are smart enough to ask us how we formed our opinion.  It doesn’t mean that they will change theirs.

I honestly try to smile and greet anyone who I pass by as I walk down the street.  It does not matter if they speak English or not; if they look homeless or not.  I try to greet everyone that I pass, with a smile and a courteous greeting.  If I can get them to smile and acknowledge me, then maybe their day will be better.  Maybe they will smile and greet the next person that they pass.  Just maybe we can make a positive change.  This is what I am hopeful for and grateful for.