Last week I traveled north to Alaska with my wife and daughter for an eight day vacation.  The purpose of the trip was to meet some distant relatives of my wife; she had met them through and they invited us up to meet and stay with them.  Honestly, I wasn’t really thrilled about going.  I have several projects that I am working on with different clients and I thought that was more important; besides, what is there to do in Alaska?

I am so very happy that I went with my wife and daughter!  Her relatives are great people!  All of them!  We had a barbecue on Saturday with most of the family coming over and it seemed like we had known everyone for years.  It really was a great “family” vacation.  Alaska is incredibly beautiful, once you leave Anchorage; almost everywhere you look there is a glacier staring back at you.  We did some fishing and on our first day back home, we had to purchase a new fishing “rig” for our daughter; she has caught that bug.

It was a great week spent relaxing with the two ladies of my life and it was probably needed.  We get so busy with “work” that we sometimes forget that family is a huge part of keeping us healthy.  So as my daughter begins this new chapter of her life, called college, my wife gets ready to go back to school as a teacher and I continue on my projects…this was a great way to bring the summer months to a close.

I am grateful for family…even if they are distant and or extended.  I am grateful for the ability to be able to travel, to see new things and to meet new people!