I am grateful for so many things.  Yes, I do know that you already know this; for I have written it many times on this blog post.  In fact, this is what Greg and I created this blog post for.  Right now it is just he and I that are doing the writing, but we always encourage others to join in.  If you would like to post something that you are grateful for, let us know.  Login and leave us a comment.

I am very thankful for the teachings of Tom Hart.  He introduced me to Jack Canfield and Napolean Hill’s teachings and writings.  He helped me create daily, weekly, monthly and annual processes that have led me to where I am today and the successes that I have accomplished along the way.  He is the reason that Greg and I have this blog post.

So Tom Hart Sr., I know that it has been a while since you have heard it from me…but I am grateful.  Thank you!