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August 2017

I am grateful

I am grateful for so many things.  Yes, I do know that you already know this; for I have written it many times on this blog post.  In fact, this is what Greg and I created this blog post for…. Continue Reading →

net neutrality

i am grateful for everyone whose direct effort and energy are involved with the net neutrality efforts. long live the king!

I’m just bloody grateful…

that I’m going to sleep right now.

Parenting in the USA

With all of the turmoil that is being portrayed in the media right now, it seems as if the US is heading towards a race war.  The Lemmings are following the leaders in the media and are forgetting how to… Continue Reading →

the little things

i recently listened to Tony Robbins speaking to the importance of having gratitude for the little things… i’m grateful for the coyote calls i heard in the wee hours monday morning i’m grateful for the flowers on dining room tables… Continue Reading →

North to Alaska

Last week I traveled north to Alaska with my wife and daughter for an eight day vacation.  The purpose of the trip was to meet some distant relatives of my wife; she had met them through and they invited… Continue Reading →

the journey

tonight i am grateful for the journey of the heart… i am grateful for the grace of my children in my life i’m grateful for those that set me afire, that hang me high i’m grateful for those that have… Continue Reading →

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