Last night the U.S. Men’s soccer team beat Jamaica to win the CONCAF Gold Cup. It was a pretty good game and the US team looked better, than they have in recent past years. I think that this is do to the fact that they are playing younger players. They may not have the experience but they have the “legs” to finish the game.

I love the sport of Futbol or Soccer; call it what you will, depending on which country you live in. I officiated 10 soccer games, over a three day period for two different tournaments this past weekend; where temperatures were hitting over 100 degrees. So by the end of Saturday, I was grateful for a home that had a swimming pool, with a spa. I was grateful that I was able to come home, grab a cold beer and then sit in a warm spa that had powerful jets of water, hammering my body. I was ready on Sunday to do my one, final game.

I will see you on the pitch.