This past week was spent at a WERC related conference; yes that is spelled correctly.  I was at the national convention for the Warehouse Education and Research Council; I co-hosted a Peer 2 Peer discussion on Tuesday afternoon, on developing the leadership pipeline.  It was a great week full of education; learning what new things are coming for the warehousing/distribution industry.  Who knows, pretty soon you may have a TV in your house and when you order something from some company, based out of Seattle, it may just Willie Wonka right into your TV.  Or did you know that Budweiser has already had a semi truck make a delivery between two of it’s facilities and the truck was autonomous?  There was an engineer in the truck, but he was not driving it.  So many things to look forward to in the future.  As a consultant for the distribution and logistics industry, I need to stay abreast of these things.  So I was happy to participate and be educated.

The Peer 2 Peer group that I co-hosted went very welll; at least I think that it did.  We had a full group and there was great interaction and sharing going on.  I even learned some new ideas there as well.  It is important to recognize the people that we work with; to acknowledge their goals, strengths and weaknesses and to help them achieve their goals and dreams as well.  Even if you are not a “titled” leader within your organization, you should take the time to learn about everyone who you work with and to help promote them and their strengths.  You will find that the return on this investment is extremely good.

So it was a great week and I have made some new friends.  The opportunities are endless and for that I am grateful.