For those of you that do not know, the title of today’s post is the Tag Line from a Dos Equis beer commercial.  I was thinking earlier this week, that in the past three years, I have achieved so much of what I had set out as goals; so have a become complacent?  Sometimes it feels like I have; so I need to become thirsty again.  I need find new goals that will help me improve myself, my quality of life, my families quality of life and my surrounding community, there by improving my world.

I need to continue the routines that have made me successful these past three years.  When you study the people who we think of as being successful, you will notice that they are always creating new goals when they achieve other goals.  They continue with their successful habits; and so must I.  I will get up, before the sun rises, exercise, read, meditate, write down daily five goals that I would like to achieve.  This is what has led to my past success and what will continue to lead me forward.

Here is to yours and my successes.  “Stay Thirsty, My Friends!”