today we are on our day 17 out of 20 days of production on, BAJA.

Today I am so grateful for the health & medicine knowledge I’ve gained from the women in my life… plant knowledge. To be fair, I’ve also gained some healthy info from men, too — staying physically active with morning practices and rituals — though, sadly, my physical routines have fallin’ to the wayside these past few mornings.

Like a fool, I take solace in believing that I am physically active throughout the day. (Good for me to take note and get back on the horse: “I’ve fallen and I can get back up.”

People are dropping like flies this last week—film-making is brutally hard. The analogies are fast and furious and usually use war like terms – or feats of epic proportion. It is F’in’ hard work!

We’ve been going hard every mother-fuckin’ day!! This crew, as I said last week, is in it to win it. I think we’ll cross goal… and as I am writing, I’m in good health!! And, yes, I can honestly say this experience, producing BAJA, has challenged me beyond any imagined limitations i once had!

I am grateful for probiotics, mushroom medicines, tamarind, garlic — greens, proteins, and vegetables… Meditation, yoga, the gym…

and the women in my life who passed their knowledge of health on to me.

Thank you!