To continue my thought process from last weeks post…

I am working on doing all of the things that I know will make me successful.  I wake up early, exercise, read, meditate, eat breakfast, write down five goals that I would like to accomplish this year and then I begin my work day.  I am guessing that my wife may not be too happy about things this past week, just because I have had meetings two nights out of the past three, that have taken me away from the house.  This is a sacrifice that I am willing to make, in order for success; not just my success, but the success of the organizations that I am working with as well as the success of my family and community.

It is funny that when I look at my calendar for this week, it is full; and it is busy!  I am grateful for that!  It means that there is more opportunity for me to be productive.  If I am being productive, than there is a greater chance for success.  What is success?  Success is achieving whatever goals that I have set for myself, my company or anyone of my clients.  I pray for the success of my children, but that is their own journey.  I may be able to help them and guide them, but they have to make their own decisions.

So I am busy and I am truly grateful for that!