So many times I remind myself and others that positive attracts positive and that negative attracts negative.  So I always try to be positive; I always tell people that I am excellent, when asked how I am doing.  I am doing the little things that have propelled me forward with my current career and once again the dividends are beginning to roll in.  Things will not always go your way; but if you find the positive, remain positive about your situation, you will find that the negative usually does not last that long.

I am not wealthy; and I do not have the ability to quit working whenever I would like.  I do have my health, a wonderful family and a very nice house that I live in.  I do not drive an overpriced, fancy car, (not saying that I wouldn’t), but I have a wonderful life; better than some others, I am sure.

So using the Law of Attraction, I stay positive and maintain my principles.  Life is good and business is always getting better; for this…I am grateful!