This afternoon my wife and I decided to take our five dogs for a walk in the Vineyard.  At the beginning of this new year we only had three dogs and now, after this past weekend, we are at five.  Our daughter states that it is only four and a half, because the youngest is so small.  We do not go looking for new dogs, they just seem to find us; and since I have married Dr. Doolittle, well let us just say that I have more than just dogs all around our house.  Some day I will put a sign up in the street that states: “Petting Zoo $5”; just to help pay for all of the food and vet bills.

I really enjoyed the walk this afternoon, watching the dogs chase one another up and down the vineyard rows, looking for bunnies in the arroyo and bounding through the tall weeds that creep around the edge of the vineyard.  I am grateful that I am able to enjoy these little moments in my life and that we have enough space to support our ever growing family.  Some people foster human children…my family fosters every other species.  For this I am grateful.