Well if you saw how I filled out my March Madness brackets, you would wonder what I have to be grateful for.  Three of the four teams that I had chosen to go to the Final Four were eliminated in the second round.  Quite honestly I could really care less about the College basketball championship; I am more interested in the UEFA Cup, going on over in Europe.

So what am I grateful for?  I am grateful that I was able to take my wife and daughter kayaking and surfing last weekend in Southern California, to celebrate my daughter’s eighteenth birthday.  I am grateful that I really do enjoy the work that I do; that I am able to work from my office or my house and be productive at both.  I am grateful that even as I am able to educate others on how to use the tools that the have to be more productive and increase their inventory control, I am still able to learn new things as well, almost every day.

I eat well and I am healthy.  I am busy, but I have time for leisure as well.  Life is good!