This morning I drove south through the California Central Valley on Highway 5.  With all of the rain that we have received here in Northern California, the hills to the west of Highway 5 were a deep green; and with the rising sun peeking in between the thick cloud cover, it was just beautiful.  Currently I am sitting in a hotel room in the city of Visalia California with the setting sun shining on the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains to the east of me; again just beautiful.  My older sister spent this past weekend on the Central Coast of California and she did her very best to make all of us jealous, with her posting of photos on Facebook; yep you guessed it, the photos were just beautiful.

It maybe more expensive to live in California and we may be crowded and stuck in traffic most of the time, but the view is worth the pain.  I am still grateful to be living in this beautiful state and for the views that the good lord affords me to see on a daily basis.  Ask me who my favorite artist is…well after my wife, it is the almighty.  What an incredible artist!