Why that title…?  I do not know; it just that I am sitting in a hotel room, in Oregon, (where it is supposed to be 15 degrees Fahrenheit tonight), and the song is running through my head.

Today I am grateful for all of the great people that I get to work with or have worked with in the past.  It really does make a difference when you enjoy the company of the people that you work with; when you are all able to come together, working towards a common goal.  You may not always agree on how this should be done, but in the end, it is great when you are able to work it out and come up with a solution.

When you are working with people on a project that involves implementing and going live with an ERP and WMS at two different locations, both at the same time….

….yep, I am grateful to be working with the great people that I do get to work with.