The other day I had to take my daughter to school in the morning; as we drove to the school, we passed by the Catholic church that my wife and I would attend occasionally when our children were young.  People were entering the church, getting ready to hear the 8:30 in the morning, daily Mass.  I am not a very religious person, meaning I do not attend any church or temple on a regular basis.  I was thinking though, as I passed the church, that there are mornings that I would have time to attend the 8:30 Mass, during the week.  I was thinking that it may help me spiritually; again, I am not a religious person.  I do try to pray every night, thanking the Lord for all that he has given to me and my family, and I ask him to watch over my mother in Nicaragua as well as my children; making sure that they are all safe and healthy.

I was raised as a child in a house that followed a Judaeo/Catholic tradition.  I was baptized, received my first communion and confirmed into the Catholic Church.  I was also Bar Mitvahed and confirmed into Judaism.  My parents grew up in one of the faiths, each, we as children then grew up in both.  We were given the choice of following one or the other, since I decided not to follow either, on Saturday’s I was Catholic and Sunday’s I was Jewish, I was told that I had to go to church with my mom on Sunday’s.  Later in life I chose to go to Hebrew School and have my Bar Mitzvah.  As I have become more educated in life, religion for me is more of a way for governments to control the populace, no I am not calling the media a religion, it is much worse, so I do not follow one religion or another.  I think that if people followed the teachings of Jesus Christ and Moses as well as some other great prophets that this world would be a better place to live, with less violence.

So again, I am thinking of attending morning Mass occasionally just for that spiritual, self check.  The local Jewish temple does not offer a daily service like this morning Mass and Friday or Saturday services…well I am not willing to give up that much of my time just for a spiritual check up.  So today I am grateful for my two religion upbringing; I am grateful that my parents really did not force either one onto me and I am grateful for the creator who has put me onto this particular, beautiful planet; as well as for all of the things that he has given to me and my family.  May I continue to learn and appreciate all that there is.

May the Force be with you!