Have you ever had the urge to try something new, but you were worried that it would not work out or be as fun as you thought that it would?  That one little voice in your head that keeps your self doubt going.  That FEAR.  This is something that my brother and I discuss every now and then.  That we know that we should do something, but the fear makes us procrastinate because we are afraid of the outcome.

Well today I am very grateful that a little over a year ago, I decided that I would leave my job in the corporate world of Distribution Management to join a group of ERP consultants; people who unlike most consultants that I have met, actually care about their clients and work hard to save them time and money.  Sometimes we even make suggestions that would take business away from us, but save money for our clients.  These are the people that I truly do enjoy working with and make it worth while, getting up in the morning and heading out to where ever it is that I go.

That is what I am truly grateful for, today and this week.