I don’t know how many people who read this blog, know that there is an extreme drought here in California.  How could you not know?  Our media and government lets us know about it all of the time.  Well the good news is, so far this winter, we seem to have the storm door open and we are receiving a considerable amount of rain; and more importantly, snow in the Sierra Mountains.  So I am grateful for the rain, although I do not think that it will lower the cost of the Agriculture water that I have to purchase for irrigating our vineyard.

That is not what today’s blog is about though.  I try, on a daily basis, to thank the lord for all that he has given to me and my family and I try to do right by everyone that I meet.  This is not based on any political belief, but on the belief that the lord created all of us as equals.  We all have the capacity to enrich our lives, help others and make this world a better place to live.  So this is what I work on everyday; and I believe that the creator rewards me for my actions.  Here is an example or two.  I ride public transit into San Francisco on a regular basis to work with a client; I walk about a mile from the train station to my clients facility and I do not own an umbrella.  There have been a couple of times where I am riding the train and it is visibly raining, but when I arrive in the city, the rain has stopped; I have yet to have to walk in the rain.  Today, I was cleaning our swimming pool, brushing the sides, cleaning the traps and putting chemicals into it.  When I finished, I went into the house to do some work in my upstairs office; by the time I reached my desk and looked out the window….it was pouring rain outside.  It was not raining while I was cleaning the pool.

So today, I am grateful that the lord is giving us rain in Californina, but more importantly, while he waters our gardens, he has kept me dry.  Thank you Lord; I am grateful for that.