Today I am both Grateful as well as Thankful; for they are one in the same.  I do not say that I am thankful, just because it is Thanksgiving Day here in the United States; I am thankful or grateful every day.  As I move through each day there is so much that I see, do or use that I am grateful for.  It usually begins with waking up each morning; I am always grateful for that!

An attitude of gratitude should always help your day be better.  A positive attitude attracts positive results, just as a negative attitude will usually bring you negative results.  We call this the Law of Attraction.  This is one of the reasons that my brother, Greg, and I started this Blog Post.  We wanted to remember that no matter how bad we think that things may become, there is always something that we should be grateful for; and as you search for things to be grateful for, you may find that there more things that are good, than just the few things that went bad.

Be grateful….I am!