This evening my daughter and I went to her very last soccer team party, for club soccer; where she is the player on the team.  It made me think, that with both of her brothers out of the house, it really is nice that she and I are able to spend more time together.  I really enjoy her company and we have a good time together; sometimes just going grocery shopping.  It really is nice.

I received a text from our eldest son earlier this week, asking me if I wanted him to come home for the weekend.  I told him no, but if he wanted to he could come home.  He said that he wanted to.  That makes me happy as well; it has been about a month since I have seen him last and even longer for my wife to have seen him.

I always enjoyed going back home, once I moved out of the house; home should be a place of secure feelings.  When you are at the home of your parents, everything is alright.  They will kiss your boo boo and make you feel better.  It was this way whenever I went to my grandparents place as well.

I am grateful that my children still like to hang out with us old folks, commonly known as their parents.  I am also grateful that we are able to provide a place of security for them as well.