Have you ever lined up dominoes just so that you could knock them over?  It is interesting how that act has become a part of our English language; the domino effect.

Tonight I am grateful that the surgery that my wife had on her knee today, went very well.  She had one of the best orthopedic surgeons, the same one who repaired my elbow last year, and he was fast and efficient.  I didn’t even get to watch a whole episode of Justified, before he came out to explain to me just what he did and to show me photos that he took of the inside of my wife’s knee.  Micro-surgery is amazing!

Since my wife was having knee surgery and our bedroom is on the second floor of our house and we have little steps to get up into our bed, I figured that it would be better for my wife if we slept in one of the bedrooms downstairs.  Well in order to do that, I had to clean my office off of the bed.  I had mail and files spread out on the bed; so now I have moved it all upstairs into my office, where I am dealing with it all, rather than hiding it in another room.

So I am grateful for the surgery, because it should make my wife’s knee feel better and I was forced to look at mail that I had just thrown onto a bed.  The domino effect.