Today I am away from my  home once again; I have been working with a client, out of town this week.  We are implementing a new ERP and WMS, both at the same time.  This is not a normal practice, usually we would do the ERP system first and then the Warehouse Management System.  So a lot of time spent configuring, training and most importantly, talking with all of the employees.  This is especially important with the WMS.  We need to know what the employees do currently and how this change will effect their jobs.  We need to configure as best we can, to make it simple for them to use and by talking with them, it makes it easier for us to do this.  Spending time with them and seeing how they do their jobs helps us to configure the system to meet their needs.

Another reason that it is important to spend time with our feet on the ground of a facility, watching and talking with the employees, is they are more likely to buy into the change.  They begin to see the value of the new systems and appreciate the change.  A lot of money is spent on these types of systems as well as making sure that they are implemented correctly, so it is very important that the hourly employees buy into the change.  They are the ones who, in the end, make it successful.

So today I am very grateful for the opportunities that I have to work with people and businesses, educating and helping them grow.