The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


October 2016

it’s only me

tonight’s kind of easy… i am grateful for halloween i like the thought of embracing that which is scary – it then is no longer feared. while things lay in the shadows, ignored or shied away from — it is… Continue Reading →

Business as usual

Today I am away from my  home once again; I have been working with a client, out of town this week.  We are implementing a new ERP and WMS, both at the same time.  This is not a normal practice,… Continue Reading →

a good laugh

i must say, i do love to laugh… and i love being involved with good humor… it is a balm for ails and fears i think it is a spiritual practice; one i believe i shall be taking up again… Continue Reading →


Have you ever lined up dominoes just so that you could knock them over?  It is interesting how that act has become a part of our English language; the domino effect. Tonight I am grateful that the surgery that my… Continue Reading →


Tonight, I’m grateful for Jesus… if nothing else, he gives us something of more substance to debate about then the current political situation in the US. AND… He set a standard to live up to… even if it is a… Continue Reading →

Well he said it….

The other day my brother posted that he was happy that the Giants were going to Chicago….well, I really do not mind throwing a dig to my brother and the Giants nation… Tonight, I am grateful that Dave Roberts did… Continue Reading →

never alone

this is a challenging time for my family – for myself… at least I believe it to be. i could be wrong; which is part of tonight’s post… because i feel unanchored still; blowing about. so tonight, i am grateful… Continue Reading →

Brotherly Love.

Today I am grateful that my brother “loves me more than coffee”.  Yep, my older brother Greg, reminded me that today was Thursday…that means that I have to write this blog otherwise I owe him a Starbucks coffee.  I had… Continue Reading →


i was a little hard pressed to find something i was grateful for tonight… it’s a moment; it will pass. AND – I really am grateful that the giants are heading to chicago!

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