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September 2016

Family Time

This past weekend my wife and I traveled to Fresno California to see Garth Brooks in concert.  We met our oldest son, his girlfriend and her parents there as well.  We had a wonderful dinner and then enjoyed the four… Continue Reading →

growing pains

i get the distinct feeling that our growth sometimes comes with pain and confusion… we don’t understand why we are forced to leave the warm comfort of the womb we are used to yet muscle and force push us out… Continue Reading →

white world: black man

today, i’m grateful for those that are willing to give voice and action… in doing so, more likely then not, mistakes will be made – there will be reason to question if the actions and voice(s) are correct. but at… Continue Reading →

I almost forgot

Today I am grateful for new friends, new business and my good health.

finding my way out of the box

i am grateful for creativity i don’t know the way it shall all play out—but i think we’re all going to be alright

Ah Ha

That moment when you are in a hotel elevator and you look at your watch and realize that you still have ten minutes to sit down and write this blog post. Today I am very grateful for some old friends;… Continue Reading →

real love

tonight, i’m grateful for love… it is the essence of all that is; of all that we are. i love love… and i’m grateful for all the lessons and teachers teaching me the path of it Real Love

Business as Usual

Business as Usual or is it?  Life is moving forward, always for the good, for that is all that I choose to see.  Today I am very grateful for the choice that I made to leave the “corporate world” and… Continue Reading →

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