Yesterday I drove with my oldest son down to Fresno; we went to sign a lease on his apartment, while he attends school there.  We arrived a little early, my doing, so my son suggested that he go fill out an application with a security company, so that he may have a job when he moves down there.  So this we did.  While he was filling out the application, I was talking with Supervisor, about law enforcement and raising children.  When my son finished his paperwork he joined us in the conversation.  Eventually the gentleman that we were engaged in conversation with told us of a side business that he had.  I handed him a business card and told him that if he needed any help to call on me.  He didn’t wait to call, he asked for it right then and there.  On the drive home, the security company called my son and asked him if he would be available to return on the next day; they wanted to hire him.

My younger son a few months back did a photo shoot for a fashion designer; he didn’t get paid.  He did the photo shoot more for experience and to add the photos to his portfolio.  Today he told me that he was going to go to New York next month for the Fashion Week, he is going to walk in a show for this designer.

Keep your eyes and ears open, you never know what will come your way.  Napoleon Hill wrote many times about the Law of Attraction, so keep a positive, open mind and let positive opportunities come your way.  I myself am enjoying the many opportunities that have come my way this past year.

I love life and for all of it, I am grateful.