With that title I must be talking about the Olympics.  If you know me well, more than likely I am talking about the World Cup of Futbol tournament.  I am watching a women’s semi-final soccer game for the Olympics, right now.  So far the team that I want to win the gold middle is a head and looks like they will get that opportunity.

I have been watching the Olympics since the opening soccer game.  Some of the favorites have won and some of them have lost.  This proves the old sports add-age, that on any given day, the worst team can beat the best team.  It really has be nice watching most of the athletes exude that Olympic spirit.  Helping each other when someone falls, showing enthusiasm for other athletes and respecting other countries national anthems as they are being played for the gold medal winners.

The Olympics are a bit like life.  Train hard, don’t give up and you are invited to participate.  Continue to work hard, learn from your mistakes and you will be successful; you may even a medal.  Don’t give up!  Always proceed forward; towards your goals, towards your dreams.

Today I am grateful for both, my goals and my dreams; may they always be one.