In life as we proceed forward there will always be hurdles or brick walls that we run into.  We can choose to allow them to stop us from proceeding, or we can deviate our path and go a different way.  If we do this, will we reach our original goal?  Maybe; but probably not as quick as we would like.

I prefer to jump the hurdle or go through the brick wall.  Go through the brick wall?  Yep go through it!  The beauty of a brick wall, is that it is made of bricks; and my determination, made of a sledge hammer or better, will always bust through it.  I may be a little exhausted having to work my way through the wall, but I will be closer to my goal and I will have learned some lessons leading up to and going through the wall so that next time, I can avoid the wall all together.

Don’t give up when obstacles are placed in front of you.  Get back up if you fall down.  Watching the Olympics this past month, I did not see one athlete ever quit.  I saw some people fall down on the track; I saw them get back up and continue to the finish.  I even saw some of them win the Gold!

I am grateful for life lessons that I have learned and continue to learn!