The Gratefulness Series

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August 2016

simple things

today i am grateful for this blog i do with my brother. i am finding it quite difficult to climb up out of the hole i dug myself into… and to have this blog, in which i find something i… Continue Reading →

Brick Walls

In life as we proceed forward there will always be hurdles or brick walls that we run into.  We can choose to allow them to stop us from proceeding, or we can deviate our path and go a different way…. Continue Reading →


in this moment, i’m grateful for my skillz 🙂 a while back i changed themes and lost the crystal cove header to our blog — and crystal cove is very near and dear to my brother’s and my heart… i… Continue Reading →

Every Four Years….

With that title I must be talking about the Olympics.  If you know me well, more than likely I am talking about the World Cup of Futbol tournament.  I am watching a women’s semi-final soccer game for the Olympics, right… Continue Reading →

Taking it Easy!

When you work for yourself, either as an independent contractor or owning your own business, getting started is not easy.  Unless you are already independently wealthy, you have to really budget your spending; you may bill your customers on time,… Continue Reading →

the healer

sometimes in this life, one does well to have someone guide them. it is still our unique path we are traveling—but we’ve hit a rough spot and the extra help… well, helps. tonight i am grateful for one such guide… Continue Reading →


Yesterday I drove with my oldest son down to Fresno; we went to sign a lease on his apartment, while he attends school there.  We arrived a little early, my doing, so my son suggested that he go fill out… Continue Reading →

Pop Music

sometimes the lightness of it all, is part of the strength it holds. nailing elements of life just perfectly; a group of artists working together… bring it all together perfectly tonight; i’m grateful for pop music crazy, right?

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