Today I am back in the United States of America, after spending six days with my mother and two of my three siblings, in Nicaragua.  My brother, sister and I traveled down there to help celebrate our mother’s 80th birthday with her.  She has been traveling to Nicaragua for the past twelve years and she moved there permanently over three years ago; she is a resident of Nicaragua.

It was a great trip and I am very happy that we have finally made it down there to see the places and meet some of the people that my mother talks about.  It was also very eye opening to see a country that does not have the economic strength of a country like the United States.  It rained almost every day, so the jungle and surroundings were all green; it is a beautiful country.  I am grateful that we made the trip, that we traveled safely and that we were able to spend time with our mother and her friends on this birthday week.

I am absolutely GRATEFUL that I now know that even being so far away from her family, here in the United States of America, my mother has friends and “family” who watch out after her and who are there for her in her new chosen home of Nicaragua.  Every where we went, whether our mother was with us or not, when someone found out that we were Margie’s hijos, they told us how much they loved our mother and what a wonderful person she is.  I do not worry about my mom as much, now.  She is well taken care of; and if you know my mother, she acts like she is 50 or younger.

I look forward to my next trip down there and I hope to bring my family with me, this next time.