The Gratefulness Series

A reminder that we are grateful


June 2016

It is that time of year again….

We are now into the second week of my favorite season; and it came in strong, letting us know that it was here in full force.  Where I live, the temperature reached at least 107 degrees, although my wife tells… Continue Reading →


I have written a few times about the choices that we face and the power that it creates for us.  We are faced with multiple choices every day; some are small choices and some have a huge impact on our… Continue Reading →


tonight i am grateful for a place of peace, a place called home i’m grateful for everything that leads me there – and the people in my life that bring it

My Mom

Today I am back in the United States of America, after spending six days with my mother and two of my three siblings, in Nicaragua.  My brother, sister and I traveled down there to help celebrate our mother’s 80th birthday… Continue Reading →

Time to travel

Today I am in Nicaragua; I just arrived yesterday.  I am here to help my mother celebrate her 80th birthday.  This is my present to her.  Usually she has to travel back to the states to visit her children and… Continue Reading →

a sudden flight

I am grateful to be leaving for my Mom’s 80th birthday celebration in Nicaragua with 2 of my siblings… and wishing all my family was with me!

New Beginnings

This week, as I begin some new endeavors, I am truly grateful for the support that I am receiving from my family and friends.  I truly do enjoy the work that I do, educating businesses, improving processes, helping them become… Continue Reading →

yeah. yeah. it ain’t nothin’ but pushin’ – pushin’ hard

today – i’m grateful i got up this morning and got at it best i could… made it to ripped body workout. got my work in. broke like a mother fucker. broke hard. still breakin’ – still got faith it’s… Continue Reading →

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