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May 2016

working opportunities

Tonight I am happy to say that I only have one and half days left as a full-time employee with Horizon and PoolCorp.  I truly have enjoyed my twelve plus years with the company; I have made some really good… Continue Reading →


Today i went on a wonder full walk in nature… a lot of it very peaceful and quiet. I think it was just what two souls needed… Nature; healing green, healing flowers — healing paths through tall, majesty… soft soil… Continue Reading →


There is a lot going on; I am doing my best, within reason.  Summer is quickly approaching and I cannot wait to participate in my favorite season.  I just paid for my one son’s fall college tuition, very happy and… Continue Reading →

New Horizons

…and just like that, as bleak as things seem to be, the sun cracks through the clouds and a ray of sunshine peaks through.  It brings with it thoughts of better weather.  So this is what I am grateful for… Continue Reading →

light of day

…just around the corner from the light of day. Yep, Joan—well said. I think what one needs to be very cautious about is one’s ego when coming out of darkness into the light of day, Still; day light is to… Continue Reading →

It’s the Law

This past week my mailbox has been full of bills that need to be paid; I have been looking at which invoices will be paid first and how much or little can I get away with by making partial payments… Continue Reading →

songs with beats

sometimes in life, it takes a little bit… a little breath and pause… to get in touch with something i’m grateful for. in these times—yes, these times—it is often something simple that i touch upon. like tonight for instance… i… Continue Reading →

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