Righ now it would be so easy for me to just walk away from my position at PoolCorp; the hours that I am working and the amount of work that I am doing, it would be so easy to just leave.  That is not who I am.  I gave my word and I will stick to it.  When I do leave, very soon, I will have done my best to make sure that it is at least operationally sound.  By this I mean that the store that I am currently managing will not have any WTF’s left behind in my wake.  I have told my wife that I will be working some longer hours this next month to make sure that I have not left a huge mess.  She thinks that I am crazy, because I don’t get paid to work those hours; but that is my moral compass.  I won’t feel good if I leave behind a mess.

This next month will not be easy, but it is the last page in a chapter of my life and I am looking forward to starting the next chapter.

So I am grateful for my perseverance and I am grateful for all the people that continue to help my along my way in life.